The Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead; Review. Spoiler Alert!

I have to say that this books really did get my attention since book one, I could not put it down. it was that good; so much so that now I am kinda sad that I don’t have them anymore.

The storyline is very good, although I have to say that (for me) it was a little predictable, nothing wrong with that, how ever and in spite of this fact; it kept me reading and wanting to keep soaking in every page and keep going, no matter how tired I was.

I loved Rose, cried with Dimitri and fell for Adrian’s craziness and jokes. Loved the evolution of the characters and where it took them (Im really trying not to go into Spoiler Territory) and above all love the “real” way that it all ended in (as far as the relationships in the books go) The only thing I don’t like….

There is no book 7!!

Here are all the books in order:

1- Vampire Academy

2- Forstbite.

3- Shadow Kiss

4- Blood Promise

5- Spirit Bound.

6- Last Sacrifice.

Highly recommend this books, all 6 of them!

Read, enjoy and repeat!


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