The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by JR Ward. Spoiler Alert!

Hello again supernatural readers,

I have being away for a while since I was in a self appointed assignment. Another good friend of  mine (ins’t this how everything good, better and great story starts?) recommended for me to start reading the “Black Dagger Brotherhood Series” and since it had the majority of what I look for in a book this days, namely:

Romance of the R rated type.


Hot Vampires (a bit redundant but never the less important)

Good story line

Parallel Universe

Large series (12 books so far)

Strong woman characters…

I decided to give it a go, and 10 books latter (I am currently reading the 11th) I can confidently say that I do like it very much!

From book One I have loved the story, the idea that they can leave of each other and the fact that they have stayed hidden because of some extras that some of them have, special abilities and stuff like that, this is very cool.

I love that all the books, while keeping the same characters that we have stated with do not focus always on the same characters. While reading the books you really do fall in love with the Brothers and their Shellan’s (their mates). There is always a turn/twist that you do not see coming, leaves you standing there for a good two pages without knowing what is going to happen next.

The first book is all about Wrath and building the foundation of the books to follow. (Dark Lover)

The second one is Rage’s, the Beautiful Beast. (Lover Eternal)

The third one and possibly my personal favorite, is Zsadist’s story. (Lover Awakened)

The forth is Butch’s, and this one is a very good one as well. Top 5 definitely (Lover Revealed)

The Fifth is Vishous story, this one is a tortured (Yes even more tortured if you can believe it, but very good!) Christian Grey type if you will. (Lover Unbound)

The Sixth is Fury’s story:

This one is a bit slow and tortured as well, is all about and interior and exterior struggle that one really does not see coming, but the story of all of it and the whys is very good, at this point the author has being following up with all that she didn’t reveal about the characters, Fury in specifically, you have heard of him by this point, you feel like you know him, yet his feeling and way of thinking have nothing to do with what this reader had made of this character, it was a good thing to be surprised. (Lover Enshrined)

In here there is a mini story that I recommend, because it will give you a bit more about my favorite brother Zsadist (I was talking to a friend about the books while in line to order my very needed Starbucks coffee and I told her: I’m just loving Zsadist! I was so exited about the book, and this turned a lot of heads and raised a lot of brows, needles to say that on our part there was a lot of giggles and open laughter; this was another great thing about this series, we now have a very funny story!), is all about him, Bella and Nalla; its a great short story.

The Seventh (Lover Avenged)  is Oh so sexy, sneaky, renown and known bad boy, Mr. Halfbreed Rehvenge, not a bother but kind of married into the brotherhood, had proved that his allegiance is with the powerful King Wrath; it has that girl appeal of he meets the right girl and wants to make a change that I think even in a small measure we all like when men change their ways to make the Right Girl Happy.

This one also makes my top 5! Can you tell?!

The Eighth book (Lover Mine)  is John Matthew’s book, and this one also makes my top 5 (I do believe at the end of this list I am going to have more than 5 in my top 5, opssss)

By this book we feel like we have follow John from his time as a a young man, not knowing who and what he was, dealing with his disability and all the Jackasses that he has had to face that by this point. I felt like he was owed this book and like all the other ones you are guarantied a good story (knowledge of something he himself does not know) and of course a very, very good time.

The Ninth Book (Lover Unleashed) This is Payne’s story and if you have read some of it you might yet not be there. She is introduced later in the books, by the time that she appears and you know she is Vishuos Twin (yes my jaw dropped here two) and all that the Scribe Virgin (who really is not what she claims to be in all counts) has put the trough and will continue to do by not showing any help what so ever… But she is a tough cookie and I loved her for that.

The Tenth book i just finished (Lover Reborn) is all about Tohr. Tohrment is the down to earth Brother, the calm, cool and collected one whom does not do much without thinking and will do anything for his Shellan, Wellsie.

She is the light of his days and his reason for being and breathing every day, and when he is compelled by faith to have to go trough the worst thing that any mated male could go trough… Well that is what this book is all about, struggle, pressure to do what is needed as opposed to what one wants to do, and what the right thing to do, for him and her is.

Here I will leave y’all a link if you want to be able to see the other reviews that the books have gotten, and they are mixed ones. I personally find them all good in a unique way. JR Ward is true to her characters and her way of writing is very good in my opinion, easy to follow (when I read like this, relaxing books I do not like to have to look for to many words in the dictionary, or having to go back a page because the description is so long I have forgotten what the author was describing, or the family three is so complicated I need to go back to see who is what) and I find all this books a good read, a refreshing, get out of this world and disconnect for a bit kind of books.

And for all of you 21 and older, is a very good book to have with a glass of wine (insert alcoholic beverage of choice here) and a silent house.

Like always I hope you enjoy it and that this reviews help you find something you all like as well as I did!

Here is the Link to the Authors web site:

Here is also a good thing: The Kindle Book of The King, the last book is now on sale, this book is more in depth about Beth and Wrath, so if you like the first one I would probably buy this one as well, specially since its on SALE! 🙂


Please do share some of your favorite books and series. I would love to give them a try, and this series is about to be finished for me 😦

PS: I did not spell the names wrong, this is how the author spelled them 🙂

Love and Great Reads!



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