A Shade of Vampire by Bella Forrest (Vampire Academy Spoiler Alert) Review

After finishing up the Vampire Academy books I was on the look out for new reading material, and of course anything supernatural and on sale its very hard to pass; I really did believe that I was going to submerge myself on the “Bloodline Series” (I still have not done so) and go from there, since I was wanting to know Sydney’s story after Lissa’s coronation and how the characters will separate, anyways…

I found “A Shade of Vampire”, like I said its on sale in the Kindle store (0.99c) I do not know how much this will last so if you want to read something good, go ahead.

So far I am on book #2, “A Shade of Blood” and i find it very interesting, it’s some what crude in nature, for me, at least, I think since Twilight we forgot a little bit that when it comes to vampires they do believe themselves the bigger and better race (that’s where the whole idea of this mythical creature has taken this creatures, more or less since writers started making books all about them), so in this one they act like it. So no shinning on the light and no drinking from animals in here (I loveeee The Twilight saga, so this is not a critique, is a way of comparison) everything is right from the source, i.e humans.

Bad side, that first book is really short, good side, its good enough that even being short you’re going to want to buy that second one to know how the story line will develop…

Happy Reading everyone! 🙂



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