Pre-Launch Review of Raelia by Lynette Noni. Book Two in the Medoran Chronicles

Two reviews in two days! I could not help myself, specially when this books launch is tomorrow. I wanted y’all to be warned in case you want to run to your local library tomorrow of get the Kindle edition. Stay tuned for more reviews!

I’ve literally just finished Alex’s last adventure and I am still a bit giddy about it all. The whole book is another great installment of a Series that I have now become a fan of, since I can’t wait for the third one to be released and the second is still a day away until the release date on the 23rd. So it’s going to be a tough time without them.

Here is what to expect of Realia.

Alex, Bear and Dix reunite in Realia after a summer apart with their families. Because of the events that tested them at the end of the year, they are now closer than ever. So their friendship remains intact. How ever this time we get to go into the lost -for thousands of years- city of Meya. In an effort to warn the Meyarin about Aven’s plans, and the lengths he is willing to go to, in order to get what he wants. How ever in turn, they help her just as much as she them, because Roka, the presumed dead prince –and Aven’s brother; helps her discover something else that could save her life if she had to use it in the future. A dormant, recently acquired ability, I guess you could say.

This books so far have not disappointed, they are full of adventure, action and in this one, there is even a bit of romance, if only starting to sprout, from more than one angle. It’s also great to see the characters get out of their comfort zone and fight against the odds, mostly when those are not in their favor.

Raelia has a lot more challenges than the previous one, if only because as we go, there are more encounters and the danger encompassing Akarnae, Alex, Dix, Bear and Jordan increase.

I especially like the library as a character as well, because it’s unpredictable and it also clues you in, when you are paying attention, of course. Also, the author writes the suspense for the final moments of the book very good. Building tension while also letting you pick up clues along the way that made me yell at Alex to stop and think for a second. Of course, she didn’t, but still, that means there is another book- hopefully in the near future; and I for one, can’t wait.


So yes, I do recommend the series, not just this book. Make sure you pick up Akarnae and Raelia if you enjoy Adventure, Fantasy and good humor. You’ll get a full plate of all, and then some more, it also does not hurt to know that there are at least five books in this series. The next one is called Draekora – I love all the names BTW. But I have no idea when is this one going to be launched.


You can get more info from the author if you follow her on social media –like I do. She’s also done some YouTube videos, so make sure to check that out.


As always, keep reading y’all. I’ll be back soon with another review.





Review of Akarnae by Lynette Noni. Book 1 in the Medoran Chronicles

Review of Akarnae by Lynette Noni.


Hello everyone and welcome back to another review. Today we’re going to be talking about the first installment of the Medoran Chronicles, Akarnae. As I am sure you know, the second book is scheduled to by out by the 23rd (expect a review of Raelia on the date of publication), so without further ado, here is a brief overview and then we’ll get right into it!


Alex is the only child of adventurous parents, as such, she’s grown up in dig sites and traveling around the world with them. How ever, one special assignment prevents her from going with them, and she is sent to a private school in the middle of nowhere. Not five minutes after her arrival, the students pull a prank on her that has her crashing down into fountain and consequently, drenched; something more to add to how bad she is feeling, having to be separated from her parents for eight month in a place that, from what she’s being able to ascertain so far, is not all that friendly. Focused on what she has to do, since now that her parents are gone she has no other choice, Alex goes to the headmaster’s office in order to enroll in the school and start her long eight month count down. But when she goes through the door that’s supposed to open to his office, she sees something that’s not possible. Another world!

From then on Alex is catapulted into Medora. A parallel world were science is very much like magic and people, while still speaking English (thankfully) are also different and somehow the same, all at the same time. Not to mention they have many more creatures and intelligent races that she’s never heard of.


To her surprise, Alex is found not by one, but three different individuals, one of them, the first to encounters her in the forest, is not so pleasant, so much so that even with his incredible good looks, she’s still able to see behind the façade and try to get away from him. And is then forced by circumstances to enroll at Akarnae, the academy for the gifted. Even though, as far as she knows, her sense of humor could not be counted toward that particular specialty.


I loved this book. I honestly didn’t thing I would like it as much as I did, but I am glad and surprised. I love that Alex is a girl, she is down to earth, witty, smart and kind, something that makes you love her from the get go. Her companions and partners in crime Bear and Jordan are also very lovable and interesting characters. They each have their own set of secrets and little by little they start to trust each other, becoming near inseparable. Her roommate however, D.C, is not so jovial and accommodating.


The whole book is an amazing adventure. Not only will you be introduced to a new world, it’s set of rules and basics, but also it feels like you are right there with Alex, getting your butt kicked by Finn, the extra enthusiastic PE teacher that knows no bounds when he wants to push his students to the max.


The story has it twists and turns, enough to keep you glued to the page the whole time, complete with a super villain, a lost race, a magical library with a mind of it’s own –this is amazing!- and some other bumps and bruises on the way to help Alex stay alive long enough to get back to Freya, or Earth, as its known to her.


I gave it a 4-5 starts just because, the whole world development does take a bit to get used to in the first part of the book. How ever, once it does, it’s not easy to put down and do what you need to do in your day-to-day life. All I wanted was to be done so I could go to my reading Corner and continue my adventure.


As always, consider this my recommendation to you. If you liked Narnia and Harry Potter, I’m sure this will soon become a series you’ll wait for in the future.


Keep reading and until next time!

If you want a teaser of this book, the Publisher has this link to the first couple of chapters. Akarnae

PS: Stay tuned for the Review of Raelia, Book two in the Medoran Chronicles. Only two days until publication day!



Review of the Martian by Andy Weir

Review of The Martian by Andy Weir.

Compelling, captivating and intense.

Clear your schedule ladies and gents, because this book will keep you glued to the page whether you want it or not.


I started it thinking I was going to put it back down in two chapters. I am not much for Martians, in general. The first book I have ever being able to read related to space and the like, is Cinder, and there is a BIG difference between that and this. But I’d checked it out of the library, forgot about it, and in the absence of anything else, plus trying not to re-read any of my other “for sure” books, I stepped out of my comfort zone.


And I am so happy I did!


The Martian was nothing like I was expecting. It pulled me into the story in the fist page, and by the tenth I was telling my best friend about it, and laughing at Mark with her.

To summarize: For those of you that have not heard of the book or the movie: Mark is an astronaut – Oh no!, Yes of course, he is, duh- he is part of an expedition of a total of six people –very smart people with more than two doctorates that work for NASA- and are in the middle of an expedition in Mars, the planet. Because of weather conditions, and complications that could compromise their lives, they have to make a decision that will have them abort their mission much to early; so Commander Lewis decides the storm is too strong, and they should evacuate immediately, because they run the risk of the MAV (Mars Ascent Vehicle, pretty much the space ship that gets them to and from orbit when they have to descend into Mars and when they have to ascend to go back home, ) their ticket back home, getting damaged in the storm. So out they go, into the storm, all six of them, holding onto each other for guides to go back into the ship, aborting the mission only six days in, because of this unanticipated complication. Here is where the problem comes in. Bad luck really. Part of the antennae that the use to be able to communicate back with Huston brakes in the storm, and it sunk into Mark’s side and his suit. With the suit giving no indication of live from the last reading (their suits record this in case there is any emergency), they all look for a while, but ultimately have to leave the planet, leaving Marks body behind, and taking the only ship that could get anyone out of Mars, along with everything that they were going to use while they were up there in their mission.

The bad part; He is not dead. Not even a little bit, and now he is in Mars, by himself, with nothing but his wits, knowledge in botany and engineering plus the will to live as long as possible for a rescue to be plausible.

And so it begins, the struggle between one man, alone, fighting one planet.

I got to tell you. The planet almost won, several times. But Mark Watney went on and on…


I particularly enjoy the way it’s told. Very much so like a diary in which you talk to yourself most of the time. Relaying what you did in the day, explaining it in a way that all the physics, and chemistry of it does not become a big question mark, -in his words, because he hopes, that if he dies, maybe someone else would read it, if he ever figures out a way to get out- and more importantly its not a big BLAH that you just read over, hoping to get out of the technical stuff.

You are with him the whole time. Trough happy times, and screw-ups. You would not thing there could be a lot of action in a book like this, were someone is living in a planet –that’s if I leaned correctly- died millions – probably longer- of years ago. You would be wrong how ever. He gets blown up. More than once actually. He needs to make water out of gasses that are tanked, and that is more than a little tricky, which lead to him bouncing of the panels of the Hab (high-end tent they use with the ability to hold and atmosphere so that the astronauts can live in there without having to wear the suits) because he was burning hydrogen to dispose of it, since it had concentrated to much in the water making process, to what he calls: Kill-Mark-Levels.

Then there are the modifications of equipment that was simply not designed to go past the date in which they would depart and then just flat out bad luck again.


The whole time, this book bounces back between him, and NASA. Trying to figure out how the hell is he alive and what can they do about it?

There is not part of this book that did not leave me wanting to read more, even when I got to the end.


I give it a 5 of 5 stars because it’s not only a book with a great story, unique point of view and a compelling narrative, but also one that I would buy and re-read any time. It ight just have earned a place in my “for sure” list of books that are always in my back pocket when I read something that just does not cut it.


I just wish I could know more after the ending. But of course, it’s called The Martian. Not What the Martian did once they can get his ass back.


I hope you guys enjoyed the review. I –clearly- enjoyed the book, and am pleasantly surprised by how much. Of course, if you were looking for a recommendation to start it. Here it is. Read it! It’s wonderful.

If you want to listen to a comparison between the Book and its movie adaptation, here is the link:

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I’ll se y’all soon with more reviews, videos and audio reviews!

Until then, keep on reading!

Review of the Exile a Graphic Novel by Diana Gabaldon, Illustrated by Hoang Nguyen

Hello y’all and welcome back to another review!

Happy New Year to all, and I hope that this year is a great one!

Without further ado, here is my review on the Exile, a Graphic Novel:

I found this comic book to be a great addition for any Outlander fan, as well as something that would get a lot of other people hooked on the story, probably not knowing the size of the books.

I am not a big fan of comic books, I’ve always preferred the more full on, complex and consequently large novels  rather than the ones with illustrations. How ever, this being a Diana Gabaldon book, it was guarantied to be longer than your usual graphic novel, and the story, while still keeping in with the original, has some new tales with in it that I wanted to know, so i was sold.

This one is told through Jamie and Murtagh’s point of view gives the readers who have read the original Outlander story a more rounded view of all the events that passed without Claire knowing about them. Its refreshing, enticing and very enjoyable, and i am pleased that it was not at all repetitive, at least not in a way that makes you feel like you are reading the same book, just in another format.

While i would have loved to have the whole book in this format, I know that if that where to happen that book would be virtually uxliftable, not to mention very difficult to read. To try and tell that very complicated story in a Graphic Novel format would mean to divide it into books like this that the reader can lift without the help of a lectern or similar object.

The artistry is amazing. Not your typical two faced/two expression drawings of the characters that we know and love. But a more full range of emotions that show both in the artistry as well as the prose that companies it.

All in all, I could not have picked a better book for my first adult comic book. I give it a 5 out of 5 stars, and would recommend it to y’all.

Now if you’ll excuse me. I am going to go re-read Outlander… again.


Review of Crimson Peak Novelization by Nancy Holder, Screenplay by Matthew Robbins and Guillermo del Toro

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to the blog!

Today I am super excited to talk about the novelization of what I hear is also a great movie.

Crimson Peak


My friend and I love Mr. Hiddleston’s work. If you don’t know (maybe because you may live under a rock) he’s worker on War Horse and Avengers (Loki), anyways… She’s being to the movies three times to see it since its premiere and said its great. She is also particularly fond of a certain scene… if you’ve being to the movie or have a friend like mine you KNOW which one.

However, I have a two year old that won’t sit still trough Curious George, let alone a movie mommy wants to see. So I picked up the book.

I got tell you, I think it’s fantastic!

I found the book incredibly visual and compelling. Everything that happens has a certain flow to it, and it carries you with it. It lets you know just as much information as you need, no more or less and the perspectives change. Something I love because you don’t get only one linear view on certain scenes. For me it was like watching from another angle, all the other things are still happening, how ever with the extra insight, sort of like a 360 view.

I found it interesting that even the house’s perspective (a symbolism of evil and fear of change from my interpretation) it’s also present and counted as a character, for the house is a much a character as the people in the book.

The characters are different in many ways, yet somehow the same. Deep in their own problems, haunted by their daemons, fighting for what they think the want. Love, fortune, dreams… Everything collides, schemes are discovered creating more conflict and a hell of a Gothic Romance that had me turning pages, not stopping until I hit the back cover.

I am recommending the book without seeing the movie. Something that after finishing I have to remedy, so hopefully that DVD comes out soon. All in all I am happy I broke my rule of not buying before reading it, because I will sure re-read it again in a couple of months.

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Review of the Bloodlines Series by Richelle Mead

Star Rating: 5 stars

If you want to listen to this review click here:

Bloodline Series in order:

  1. Bloodlines
  2. The Golden Lily
  3. The Indigo Spell
  4. The Fiery Heart
  5. Silver Shadows
  6. The Ruby Circle

I wanted to wait, as I usually do, to finish the whole thing before reviewing it as a first impression and jinxing it. Since lately no matter how great a series or single book starts, more times than not, I end up disappointed. For this I had high hopes and now that it is finished I can recommend it to you all!

I loved Vampire Academy too, but in a different way. For me the books got a lot better when Adrian entered the picture, and the best part of it (although I didn’t know that when I read it) is that it created a premise for this series in witch you see the characters grow trough out all 12 books (counting both series’ together) and even so, you still want to know more. Or at least I did. That in on itself makes a great series for me.

It’s all about Sidney, the alchemist that helped Rose and Dimitri under the orders of “Smey” or the snake also AKA Rose’s father and Adrian, who is now linked to Jillian or “Jailbait”, since, that is her nickname.

Her mission now is taking care of Jillian Mastrano Dragomir, the illegitimate (now less so) daughter of Lissa’s father and her only living relative, not to mention the one person that could make the difference  in whether or not Lissa can hold the throne per Moroi law (every ruler has to at least have one more living relative in order for them to be elected Moroi queen or king) and so she is now to be hidden from rebels who think Lissa is not fit to be a ruler and the alchemist have to play a part to it.

I love Adrian in the Vampire Academy and the fact that he and Rose didn’t find there happily ever after, as predictable as that was, stung a bit. He is one of those characters that make you love him simply because he not only has the charisma but the heart to accompany it.  I felt he was owed a story, all by himself, not as someone else’s side kick and when I heard that this series was finished and it game my favorite character another chance, his chance, I had to read it.

For me it has it all:

  1. Long series with long books
  2. Great characters that you can no only empathize with, but also become while reading about them
  3. The transformation is also great; the fact that they appear in the Vampire Academy and have non-too small roles helps a lot to.
  4. The story surprises you more often than not. Just when you thought it was on one line, it changes to another. I like a book that can keep me on my toes.
  1. The best thing about the series is how the characters change.

Take Sidney for example:

She is an alchemist who was raised with a lot of hang-ups about Moroi and Damphirs. How they are all evil creatures that are not natural and there for should not exist. She is how ever forced to sacrifice herself for the good of her family, weather is by vengeance and the repayment of a debt or by going to the the Moroi’s bidding and following orders once again. She goes from having to be  here, to wanting to be there… and well, if I tell y’all more I might as well relate the books! But I am sure you get the point I am trying to make.

Ill be back soon with another review!

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Review of the Lunar Chronicles Series by Marissa Meyer

The Lunar Chronicles Review of Books 1-3

Hello y’all! I know I have done reviews of the books separate until now, and I will touch on the last one individually for this review. However I did wanted to reach out to all those of you who have yet to read this books. Because is my truthful opinion that you should give them a try.

It’s got everything that you could possibly wish for in a Fantasy Series. Like what?! Well I am glad you asked!

1-    It provides you with a whole other way to see the future of earth.

2-    The characters are relatable and based on Fairy Tales, but not so much that you already know what it’s going to happen…

3-    The endings surprise you at every turn, and new characters join the book family in each new book.

4-    They’re Cyborgs, robots, Escortbots, Lunars and genetically enhanced warrior/lunar beings.

5-    Deceit, power struggles, politics, fights, romance…

6-    I am calling it the whole package.

Cress in particular was a great book. I loved that since Cinder, the author has branched out a bit more and given us perspectives of almost all characters in the book that are relevant. We get to see inside their minds and know the whys of their decisions and behavior. Understand them a bit better if you will.

This book is a whole other perspective, and it brings someone that we saw in Cinder back. Cress. The girl who is trapped in a satellite (and has been there for 7 years) and forced to do all kinds of spying for Levana and “Mistress” Sybil.

Ok, here is where if you don’t like to have some details of the book you disconnect and go read it.

Spoilers from here on!

It turns out Cress is a great Hackers and it’s the reason why Cinder and her friends have yet to be caught by the spy satellite’s that are looking for them all over earth. She is keeping them safe without the knowing of it. After all she did warned Cinder to go into the ball and tell prince Kai that Levana will most likely kill him after they get married, so she could be Empress and rule Earth as well as Luna…

Cinder remembers the girl, and since she still has the lunar chip that can safely communicate with her, she attempts contact with the one person who can help her try to stop the marriage and also, Kai’s impending death…

It’s a great book, filled with mystery, adventure, running around, planning and fights.  Cinder has to push her boundaries and her Lunar gift, now more than ever in order to save Kai. She has to put herself and others in danger again for the sake of the prince and the Eastern Commonwealth. While her friends try to help her, and altogether survive the curve balls that are thrown at them.

I found it a very pleasant read. Fast paced and interesting. Always adding more key ingredients to the mix to keep me on my toes and make me keep turning page after page.

I hope y’all enjoy it and much as I did.

Here are the links of the books that are out as of right now and the last one Winter, that will be available on November 10th of this year.




Fairest: Levana’s Story


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