Review of A Gathering of Shadows by VE Schwab

I’ll be the first one to admit that the first book in this series didn’t feel very satisfying by the end of it. A Darker Shade of Magic seemed like the whole book had been set up much more to explain this new world –understandable since there are four variations of the same one, that are of course different, and that one of the characters (and the bad guy) can visit at will. An ability that is dying, seeing as only one person can now travel thru kingdoms.

But there was not much on the way of story, or at least not for me. It felt like the basis of a great series that had not yet been fulfilled, but just barely begging to touch how great it could be, and the many twist and turns the story could take.

A Gathering of Shadows was much better, hence the 4 out of 5 Star rating.

Four because I felt like it took forever to get on with it, and because Kell, true to character, most of the time– annoys me to no end.

This book is right after what they are now calling the black plague. Meaning the remnants of the backlash the first book left them to deal with. Kell is now more a prisoner than he had ever been. He’s been treated like a pet that is at the end of a leash, and has no escape. Only he does have an escape, but because of the fact that his life is now truly attached to that of his brothers, he can’t do much about this feelings, other than fantasize about it. Fantasize about leaving for good, about disappearing. Like Lila had done.

A Gathering of Shadows is told from several perspectives. Rhy’s, Kell, Lila, and even sometimes a new character that just happen to be Lila’s captain, he is a very interesting individual, to say the least.  One the is dangerous and refreshing in turns.

This second instalment of the series is much more entertaining and we all get to see much more of this new world, away from the capital and the palace while traveling with Lila and the charming captain and his crew. However, as fate will have it, the things that Lila and Kell thought to be hidden, are coming back to life to hunt him down in Red London. The one place where they all thought that no one would be able to follow him. The enemies that he thought long gone and defeated, where but biding their time to strike back at him, and use him to his own purposes. And the characters all converge, in one way or another at the Essen Tach. The magician tournament that is held in Red London this year, where magicians of all the three regions – of the Red World, come to this capital to demonstrate their strength and stealth, and of course, to show each other what the one next to you can do, in case a war could be on the horizon. Political tug a war at its best, only with magic.

I liked the characters much better in this one because they are coming out of their shell, and because you can see the evolution from the first book, and the backlash it caused, reflected in this one. Lila is as clever as ever, borderline reckless, and she knows it, but of course, this had never stoped her from doing what she wants. Kell is more dark and distant that ever, while at the same time haunted by everything his brother and him are doing and have done. The Essen Tach becomes his only way of blowing some steam and playing the bad boy, for once, because while entertaining his participation is highly illegal. How ever, compared to all the times the brothers have been suffering under this new “arrangement” the Essen Tach becomes the only way of letting go of some of the magic that has been strangling him for the past couple of months and; not only for him, but for Rhy, who now has to suffer along side Kell, for all one does, the other does as well, no matter if the counterpart wants to or not.

More complications, some answers and yet more questions, this book was finally the magical adventure that I was waiting for, and it delivered. I can’t wait for the next one to be out and in my hands.

A Conjuring of Light is the next and last book of The Shades of Magic Series by V.E Schwab, and it will be available February 21st, 2017; here is the link to the pre-order site in Amazon, in case you want to double check it.

That’s all I have for y’all today. I hope you enjoyed the review, and please don’t forget to comment if you did, or if you have some other books you would like me to try. I’d love to hear your recommendations.

Stay tuned for the next week, I’ll be posting my review of Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.

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Review of the Selection Series by Kiera Cass (The Selection, The Elite & The One)

Hello y’all!

I hope you’ve had a good weekend! Mine has being great and today I want to share a review of a series that I read recently.

The Selection Series, by Kiera Cass.

1- The Selection

2- The Elite

3- The One

4- The Heir

* There are also several novellas that accompany this series. Here is the link to the amazon page of the Author where you can find all of it.

Kiera Cass

Lets dive into it!

The best way for me to try and resume this series into a one sentence description its to use some comparison. To me it was a bit of “The Bachelor” (the one on tv in the US) but put into a dystopian setting in order to get a different reaction because of it. Now for those of you who don’t know what The Bachelor is, I will explain how it pertains to the books.

The stories of this books are following closely a girl Named America. She is a 5, which means that in society she is behind in the class category. She and her family are artists and there for earning a living is hard when you depend on being hired for parties and the like… Her mother is pushy and wants her to enter the Selection, for she thinks this is the best way for the daughter to get out of the classification their society has pushed on them. The category’s pertain directly to the jobs performed by the population, the lowest, #8, are the homeless.

The Selection (here is why I compare it with the bachelor, since its sort of the same thing, without this class classification…)  is the process in which the Prince (Maxon) will chose his wife out of 35 girls from the kingdom. All of different social classes… How ever, America has already given her heart out to Aspen, a boy she’s known all her life and that she adores. How ever he is a 6 and if they were to marry, she would also become a 6, something that has had them concealing their relationship since the beginning, both because the law forbids any sort of close encounters between couples before marriage, and because she knows her mother would not approve of her lowering he caste to marry him.

The story is not to complicated at first, how ever, it does become so. America has to figure out if she wants to be there for herself and not for her family. Competition is hard, and all the girls are not as nice as she expected them to be.

For the prince how ever, its a bit more complicated. He is the one who needs to figure out which one of the girls want him, for him, and which one of them want him for the crown, his position and the power all of those will bring to the chosen one and their family. At the same time he also has to deal with the fact that his father is pushing for a certain lady, because of her upbringing, and he does not like how America is showing Maxon things about the lower castes that he’d never known of imagine existed before…

Meanwhile the Palace is being attached by the rebels, making the Selection a bit more complicated that it would have been. They seemed to also come from different fronts, and there for, The Northerners are less dangerous than the Southerners, making some of the selection ladies nervous and  ready to leave when they get to see part of the hardness that the royal family have to endure…

In the mean time, Maxon and America, both being from very different upbringings have found some common ground with in each others way of thinking and get along rather well. Sometimes better than others, of course… This is their story first and foremost.

All in all, I liked it. Its a good YA book and it keeps you hooked. When one conflict gets resolved, another one surfaces, making this series a page turner. I enjoyed the characters and the forward way of thinking (with in the parameters of the book and their society) of both the main characters, Maxon and America. She is a trip! Honestly, you will laugh with her and be completely taken aback by some of her reactions and responses…

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PS: did anyone read “The Heir” by Kiera Cass. It’s the last book and I read the synopsis and was not sold… What did you think of it?

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Kristen Proby New Cover Reveal!

Hello everyone, welcome back to the IGeekBooks Blog!

Today I am super exited to show you what is new with our favorite Contemporary Romance author Kristen Proby!
As you know she is my to go author when I need some uncomplicated, sexy and romantic fix. I love her books, and I have read all of them so far and reviewed them for you here on the blog. Today there is a new STUNNING COVER REVEAL!!!

It’s for her existing series:

Love Under the Big Sky. That, wait for it…

It also has a new book coming up on November 30th! The new book is called Saving Grace. Here is the link to amazon for pre-order if you want to:

Saving Grace.

I am super exited about all of this and I hope you are too. If you’ve yet to try one of her books think no more, you will not regret it. Also, here are the links to the reviews of all this books that I have done on the blog so far if you want to check those out.

TheWith me in Seattle Series:

The Boudreaux Series:

The LoveUnder the Big Sky Series:

Without further ado, here is a little taste of the first book in this series.

 New Covers!
   New Covers!

New Covers

New Covers
New Covers
New Covers!
New Covers!

 Excerpt from LOVING CARA (Book 1):“This is a great place,” I murmur, and turn in a complete circle, taking everything in. The forest is thick here, but with a clearing by a wide pool of water,which is being fed by a creek that empties into it via a beautiful waterfall about twenty yards away. Slabs of rock frame the pond, making a natural ledge to sit on and enjoy nature.“This is where I’ve always come whenever I’m happy or mad or just need to think.” Josh wraps his arms around me from behind and kisses the top of my head.“You brought me to your happy place?” I ask, half kidding, and turn my head to kiss his biceps. I can’t seem to keep my lips off this man.And he doesn’t seem to mind.“It seems that anywhere you are is my happy place these days, Carolina.”I gasp and look up into his soft brown eyes.“So, I brought the person who makes me happy to my happy place,” he clarifies.Well . . . wow.Before I can respond, he kisses my lips quickly and then pulls away to grab a blanket out of a saddlebag. He takes me by the hand and leads me up onto the rocks by the water. He spreads the blanket out and pulls me down next to him.“Are you hungry?” he asks, and pushes my hair back over my shoulder.“Not quite yet.”He nods and his eyes heat as they rake down my face, my neck, and over my tank top, which I know shows off the girls nicely.If he was going to keep me perpetually turned on today, I was happy to return the favor.“You are so beautiful,” he whispers, and leans in to claim my mouth gently. His lips are gentle and soft, sweeping across my own rhythmically yet slowly, sending shivers down my arms and making my stomach clench.He has only touched me with his lips and my stomach is clenched. I’m panting, ready for him to take me right here, in the middle of nature.He cups my cheeks in the palm of his hand and pulls me closer, sinking into the kiss, but then he abruptly pulls back, his brows pulled into a frown.“You really are warm,” he mutters, and feels my neck and forehead.I laugh at him as I rub my hand up and down his firm chest. “It’s hot outside, Josh.”“Let’s cool off.” He smiles down at me wickedly and begins to peel me out of my clothes.“We might give the wildlife quite a show,” I warn him mildly, excitement coursing through me.“That’s the plan.” He winks at me and quickly strips out of his own clothes. He pulls me up onto my feet and peels my jeans and panties down my legs.“Now what?” I ask with a wide smile.“Now we cool off.”

I hope you guys enjoyed this little teaser. Here is some more about the author herself, without whom we would not get to know Carolina & Josh and all the other wonderful couples she’s created…

About KRISTEN PROBY:New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Kristen Proby is the author of the popular With Me in Seattle series. She has a passion for a good love story and strong characters who love humor and have a strong sense of loyalty and family. Her men are the alpha type—fiercely protective and a bit bossy—and her ladies are fun, strong, and not afraid to stand up for themselves. Kristen spends her days with her muse in the Pacific Northwest. She enjoys coffee, chocolate, and sunshine. And naps. Visit her at That’s all I have for you today.

I’ll be back soon with more reviews to fill up your TBR list.

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Review of the Bloodlines Series by Richelle Mead

Star Rating: 5 stars

If you want to listen to this review click here:

Bloodline Series in order:

  1. Bloodlines
  2. The Golden Lily
  3. The Indigo Spell
  4. The Fiery Heart
  5. Silver Shadows
  6. The Ruby Circle

I wanted to wait, as I usually do, to finish the whole thing before reviewing it as a first impression and jinxing it. Since lately no matter how great a series or single book starts, more times than not, I end up disappointed. For this I had high hopes and now that it is finished I can recommend it to you all!

I loved Vampire Academy too, but in a different way. For me the books got a lot better when Adrian entered the picture, and the best part of it (although I didn’t know that when I read it) is that it created a premise for this series in witch you see the characters grow trough out all 12 books (counting both series’ together) and even so, you still want to know more. Or at least I did. That in on itself makes a great series for me.

It’s all about Sidney, the alchemist that helped Rose and Dimitri under the orders of “Smey” or the snake also AKA Rose’s father and Adrian, who is now linked to Jillian or “Jailbait”, since, that is her nickname.

Her mission now is taking care of Jillian Mastrano Dragomir, the illegitimate (now less so) daughter of Lissa’s father and her only living relative, not to mention the one person that could make the difference  in whether or not Lissa can hold the throne per Moroi law (every ruler has to at least have one more living relative in order for them to be elected Moroi queen or king) and so she is now to be hidden from rebels who think Lissa is not fit to be a ruler and the alchemist have to play a part to it.

I love Adrian in the Vampire Academy and the fact that he and Rose didn’t find there happily ever after, as predictable as that was, stung a bit. He is one of those characters that make you love him simply because he not only has the charisma but the heart to accompany it.  I felt he was owed a story, all by himself, not as someone else’s side kick and when I heard that this series was finished and it game my favorite character another chance, his chance, I had to read it.

For me it has it all:

  1. Long series with long books
  2. Great characters that you can no only empathize with, but also become while reading about them
  3. The transformation is also great; the fact that they appear in the Vampire Academy and have non-too small roles helps a lot to.
  4. The story surprises you more often than not. Just when you thought it was on one line, it changes to another. I like a book that can keep me on my toes.
  1. The best thing about the series is how the characters change.

Take Sidney for example:

She is an alchemist who was raised with a lot of hang-ups about Moroi and Damphirs. How they are all evil creatures that are not natural and there for should not exist. She is how ever forced to sacrifice herself for the good of her family, weather is by vengeance and the repayment of a debt or by going to the the Moroi’s bidding and following orders once again. She goes from having to be  here, to wanting to be there… and well, if I tell y’all more I might as well relate the books! But I am sure you get the point I am trying to make.

Ill be back soon with another review!

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Review of the Lunar Chronicles Series by Marissa Meyer

The Lunar Chronicles Review of Books 1-3

Hello y’all! I know I have done reviews of the books separate until now, and I will touch on the last one individually for this review. However I did wanted to reach out to all those of you who have yet to read this books. Because is my truthful opinion that you should give them a try.

It’s got everything that you could possibly wish for in a Fantasy Series. Like what?! Well I am glad you asked!

1-    It provides you with a whole other way to see the future of earth.

2-    The characters are relatable and based on Fairy Tales, but not so much that you already know what it’s going to happen…

3-    The endings surprise you at every turn, and new characters join the book family in each new book.

4-    They’re Cyborgs, robots, Escortbots, Lunars and genetically enhanced warrior/lunar beings.

5-    Deceit, power struggles, politics, fights, romance…

6-    I am calling it the whole package.

Cress in particular was a great book. I loved that since Cinder, the author has branched out a bit more and given us perspectives of almost all characters in the book that are relevant. We get to see inside their minds and know the whys of their decisions and behavior. Understand them a bit better if you will.

This book is a whole other perspective, and it brings someone that we saw in Cinder back. Cress. The girl who is trapped in a satellite (and has been there for 7 years) and forced to do all kinds of spying for Levana and “Mistress” Sybil.

Ok, here is where if you don’t like to have some details of the book you disconnect and go read it.

Spoilers from here on!

It turns out Cress is a great Hackers and it’s the reason why Cinder and her friends have yet to be caught by the spy satellite’s that are looking for them all over earth. She is keeping them safe without the knowing of it. After all she did warned Cinder to go into the ball and tell prince Kai that Levana will most likely kill him after they get married, so she could be Empress and rule Earth as well as Luna…

Cinder remembers the girl, and since she still has the lunar chip that can safely communicate with her, she attempts contact with the one person who can help her try to stop the marriage and also, Kai’s impending death…

It’s a great book, filled with mystery, adventure, running around, planning and fights.  Cinder has to push her boundaries and her Lunar gift, now more than ever in order to save Kai. She has to put herself and others in danger again for the sake of the prince and the Eastern Commonwealth. While her friends try to help her, and altogether survive the curve balls that are thrown at them.

I found it a very pleasant read. Fast paced and interesting. Always adding more key ingredients to the mix to keep me on my toes and make me keep turning page after page.

I hope y’all enjoy it and much as I did.

Here are the links of the books that are out as of right now and the last one Winter, that will be available on November 10th of this year.




Fairest: Levana’s Story


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Scarlet by Marissa Meyer; Review; Book Two in the Lunar Chronicles Series

I think I have said it before, and I will say it again. I absolutely adore this series. Its one of the few ones that I have recently read who have the power to shock me to my core while having my stomach twisted in knots depending on what Cinder, Scarlet, Iko, Thorne

and Wolf where about to do or currently doing.

This book is a bit different, in a very good way. Its in more perspectives than that of Cinder our known and loved main character, and the reason for all the trouble that’s going on around New Beijing and lets face it, since this book, the world.

I spent the whole book talking to myself and the book, trying to tell Scarlet that from the little I remember about Little Red Ridding Hood, Wolf (I mean come on, yes, that is his name, no, it does not get more suggestive than that) it’s the one that eats Granny right?

But regardless of that or maybe because of that, this book was amazing!

It’s written with a great flow that will have you going from character to character in a seamless way. Very different from the way Cinder finished, so I count that as a plus. Although I have never been a fan for cliffhangers, especially when it comes to books.

More over, I love to see characters grow into what they are destined to be, and also what they want to be, because of a culmination of events that leads them to that place. Or maybe because they are done putting up the other cheek when time and time again people disappoint them. In this case, Scarlet was as a great second book and the perfect stepping stone to show us what Cinder will do in the future. Even tough its not revealed completely since we all know that there is another book afterwards, Cress.

Here are the Books in Order:




Winter (Not out yet, available for pre-order on amazon)

Click here for the Lunar Chronicles Series on amazon

The Bottom line here is that I cannot wait until I am able to sink into Cress and just completely immerse myself in this story’s next step, not just for Cinder, but all the characters involved here that we have known and loved and suffered with trough out the whole adventure/fugitive of the law thing they have going for them.

If you do not like this type of books, and by this type I mean, alien, robot, futuristic kinds. I am here to tell you that I did not either until I found the right series for me. It turns out the Lunar Chronicles are not something that I tolerate or read only because they are hip, but because I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of the books and I will sincerely recommend them.

I do hope you give them a try.

I will see you guys soon!



Review of: “Grey” the new EL James book and Giveaway!

Grey:  Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian by EL James ReviewGrey

Hello y’all.

I have done a video of this particular review, but for those of you who don’t know I now have a YouTube channel, here is the review of one of the –again- most controversial books been released.

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My over all rating for this book 4 of 5 Stars.

I liked the book, and I do not concur with most of the critiques, specially the bad ones. How ever, there are as many books as tastes out there, so everyone has their opinion on it. This is plainly the review of a fan of the series that likes the new book and appreciates the new perspective that EL James provided.

First of all, and just to be clear my favorite book in the series is not Fifty Shades of Grey, it’s Fifty Shades Darker and with that in mind is one of the reasons that I give the book as many starts, even when its not all five. The story for me is very interesting.

The thing to keep in mind here- what I think some people failed to realize-is the fact that the story will not change. Just because is in another’s perspective it does not mean that we will have another story to read all together and I have to say, even in spite of it, I like it. Or maybe even because of it. We all know how this one ends, so there are not, if any hidden surprises, right? Or so we think, at least I did…

It was interesting to know what was cooking up in Christian’s head. What he was thinking in my favorite parts of the book, his reactions, fears, phobias, and some of the back-stories that make him who he is and consequently who he will become tough out the series. This book is his journey to more…

My favorite part I have to say was one that we didn’t get to see in all the books that preceded this one.  It was the last three chapters of the book and having read the first one- FSOG, that is. I spent the whole book terrified that I was not going to get to read this part. That it would end just like FSOG and leave me wondering still, what was going trough his head? What made him decide on one thing when he was so set on another?

Sort of like the same way of when you see a book converted to the movie you were waiting for, only to realize your favorite scene, or something you were looking for to seeing, didn’t make the cut. Fortunately, EL James came trough and showed me what I wanted. The time in between Ana leaving him, and him deciding to get her back…

Its really a good book, I quite enjoyed it and I am happy I purchased it in both formats, even when the physical copy didn’t get to me until recently, there for allowing me to do a Giveaway!!!

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The Goal?

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I hope this helped in you were on the fence about reading this book.

I will now go back to my massive and very enjoying TBR pile.

Hope y’all have great book keeping you company.