Review of Under Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall

An interesting story.
I am one of those people who is always interested in the strange ways in which different minds work, and this was something that appealed to that specific part of me that wants to know how the most complicated human organ, works. I loved it.
Our protagonist not only takes us to a whole new world, with in the real world, that might as well have been a world of fiction, since its so different from the way people without her decease live. Yet it was still relatable and real. Even if you don’t feel the same curiosity like me,is interesting, compelling and with in a couple of pages you find that you are rooting for Norah. Because of all people, she should be the one to be able to do things that she wants, as most people of her age are able to do. How ever, the way her brain works fully prevents her from doing so.
Its a story about struggles. Her own, agains herself. In the most simple yet complicated way.
She can no more change the way she things that she could change how her brain works. So there Norah stays, in a vicious circle, of hating the way she is wired, and its limitations, while still wanting to be able to go outside.

I loved it because its real. I could empathize with Nora, and found myself thinking how I do some things (not nearly as bad as she does) just like she does, and how much harder it should be for someone with her overthinking powers to live in such an unpredictable world. I also liked that there is romance, and while not the final factor, this is one of the most powerful feelings that drive Norah to try and break her patters.
There is only one thing I didn’t like. The fact that we miss, or at least I think I did, the final reasoning towards why she chose to end the way it did, when she’d been adamant since page one that this was one path that she could not consider. Who’s first, the chicken or the egg? – kind of situation if you will.

Other than that, I recommend it. And I hope to be able to discuss it with y’all January 3rd,2017.

Ill see y’all next time.



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