Review of Akarnae by Lynette Noni. Book 1 in the Medoran Chronicles

Review of Akarnae by Lynette Noni.


Hello everyone and welcome back to another review. Today we’re going to be talking about the first installment of the Medoran Chronicles, Akarnae. As I am sure you know, the second book is scheduled to by out by the 23rd (expect a review of Raelia on the date of publication), so without further ado, here is a brief overview and then we’ll get right into it!


Alex is the only child of adventurous parents, as such, she’s grown up in dig sites and traveling around the world with them. How ever, one special assignment prevents her from going with them, and she is sent to a private school in the middle of nowhere. Not five minutes after her arrival, the students pull a prank on her that has her crashing down into fountain and consequently, drenched; something more to add to how bad she is feeling, having to be separated from her parents for eight month in a place that, from what she’s being able to ascertain so far, is not all that friendly. Focused on what she has to do, since now that her parents are gone she has no other choice, Alex goes to the headmaster’s office in order to enroll in the school and start her long eight month count down. But when she goes through the door that’s supposed to open to his office, she sees something that’s not possible. Another world!

From then on Alex is catapulted into Medora. A parallel world were science is very much like magic and people, while still speaking English (thankfully) are also different and somehow the same, all at the same time. Not to mention they have many more creatures and intelligent races that she’s never heard of.


To her surprise, Alex is found not by one, but three different individuals, one of them, the first to encounters her in the forest, is not so pleasant, so much so that even with his incredible good looks, she’s still able to see behind the façade and try to get away from him. And is then forced by circumstances to enroll at Akarnae, the academy for the gifted. Even though, as far as she knows, her sense of humor could not be counted toward that particular specialty.


I loved this book. I honestly didn’t thing I would like it as much as I did, but I am glad and surprised. I love that Alex is a girl, she is down to earth, witty, smart and kind, something that makes you love her from the get go. Her companions and partners in crime Bear and Jordan are also very lovable and interesting characters. They each have their own set of secrets and little by little they start to trust each other, becoming near inseparable. Her roommate however, D.C, is not so jovial and accommodating.


The whole book is an amazing adventure. Not only will you be introduced to a new world, it’s set of rules and basics, but also it feels like you are right there with Alex, getting your butt kicked by Finn, the extra enthusiastic PE teacher that knows no bounds when he wants to push his students to the max.


The story has it twists and turns, enough to keep you glued to the page the whole time, complete with a super villain, a lost race, a magical library with a mind of it’s own –this is amazing!- and some other bumps and bruises on the way to help Alex stay alive long enough to get back to Freya, or Earth, as its known to her.


I gave it a 4-5 starts just because, the whole world development does take a bit to get used to in the first part of the book. How ever, once it does, it’s not easy to put down and do what you need to do in your day-to-day life. All I wanted was to be done so I could go to my reading Corner and continue my adventure.


As always, consider this my recommendation to you. If you liked Narnia and Harry Potter, I’m sure this will soon become a series you’ll wait for in the future.


Keep reading and until next time!

If you want a teaser of this book, the Publisher has this link to the first couple of chapters. Akarnae

PS: Stay tuned for the Review of Raelia, Book two in the Medoran Chronicles. Only two days until publication day!




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