Review of Killing Adonis by Josh Donellan

Review of Killing Adonis by Josh Donellan.

I think I’ve said it a lot this month. But at the risk of repeating myself, I’ll say it again. This has being, so far, a great reading year!


This book is nothing like you expect it to be. The tittle, for me, was anything but a murder mystery, wrapped in a web of lies, manipulation and good humor. Yet, it is.

We follow the main character, Freya; she is a nurse having a life crisis. Somehow, everything she planned to do with her life, and everything she’s ever wanted, no longer holds her interest, and she needs a change. So her friend gives her a card that has peculiar job requisites:




Of course, just because the add says they wont answer her, it does not mean she is not going to ask, or try to figure out the answers on her own. So she finds herself in the middle of a battle of wills and a place were money fixes anything. Were people commit corporate fraud and eat manipulation for breakfast.

Things or people, it no longer it makes a difference in the matter. The Vincentti’s will bribe, cause chaos and manipulate until they get what they want, and soon Freya realizes she is the only one who can take them down. How ever her feelings for the other people she’s come to know and like while having this bizarre job, influence her to take more time in getting to the coup de grace.


The plot twists in this book are amazing. They keep you at the edge of your sit the whole time. There are several murders, countless mysteries and even what you could call romance, a strange and unconventional romance, but one none the less.



I found it to be a well-rounded book that kept me wanting to know more, even by the end. I wish it had another one after this one to answer some of the questions it left hanging, but I know it wont, the book feels finished by the last word.


That’s why I gave it a 4 out of 5 stars, because I felt like it could have giving a bit more information, but even so, it’s a good book, and one I would recommend others to check out.



I hope this review helped. If you wanted a recommendation to read this book, please take this as one. I will see y’all soon. Until then, keep reading!

PS: I could not find the link to amazon in case you wanted to buy it. How ever, Amazon seems to be out or the link no longer works. Here is the link to GoodReads so that you can find you favorite book store …





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