Review of Crimson Peak Novelization by Nancy Holder, Screenplay by Matthew Robbins and Guillermo del Toro

Hello everyone!

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Today I am super excited to talk about the novelization of what I hear is also a great movie.

Crimson Peak


My friend and I love Mr. Hiddleston’s work. If you don’t know (maybe because you may live under a rock) he’s worker on War Horse and Avengers (Loki), anyways… She’s being to the movies three times to see it since its premiere and said its great. She is also particularly fond of a certain scene… if you’ve being to the movie or have a friend like mine you KNOW which one.

However, I have a two year old that won’t sit still trough Curious George, let alone a movie mommy wants to see. So I picked up the book.

I got tell you, I think it’s fantastic!

I found the book incredibly visual and compelling. Everything that happens has a certain flow to it, and it carries you with it. It lets you know just as much information as you need, no more or less and the perspectives change. Something I love because you don’t get only one linear view on certain scenes. For me it was like watching from another angle, all the other things are still happening, how ever with the extra insight, sort of like a 360 view.

I found it interesting that even the house’s perspective (a symbolism of evil and fear of change from my interpretation) it’s also present and counted as a character, for the house is a much a character as the people in the book.

The characters are different in many ways, yet somehow the same. Deep in their own problems, haunted by their daemons, fighting for what they think the want. Love, fortune, dreams… Everything collides, schemes are discovered creating more conflict and a hell of a Gothic Romance that had me turning pages, not stopping until I hit the back cover.

I am recommending the book without seeing the movie. Something that after finishing I have to remedy, so hopefully that DVD comes out soon. All in all I am happy I broke my rule of not buying before reading it, because I will sure re-read it again in a couple of months.

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