Review of the Lunar Chronicles Series by Marissa Meyer

The Lunar Chronicles Review of Books 1-3

Hello y’all! I know I have done reviews of the books separate until now, and I will touch on the last one individually for this review. However I did wanted to reach out to all those of you who have yet to read this books. Because is my truthful opinion that you should give them a try.

It’s got everything that you could possibly wish for in a Fantasy Series. Like what?! Well I am glad you asked!

1-    It provides you with a whole other way to see the future of earth.

2-    The characters are relatable and based on Fairy Tales, but not so much that you already know what it’s going to happen…

3-    The endings surprise you at every turn, and new characters join the book family in each new book.

4-    They’re Cyborgs, robots, Escortbots, Lunars and genetically enhanced warrior/lunar beings.

5-    Deceit, power struggles, politics, fights, romance…

6-    I am calling it the whole package.

Cress in particular was a great book. I loved that since Cinder, the author has branched out a bit more and given us perspectives of almost all characters in the book that are relevant. We get to see inside their minds and know the whys of their decisions and behavior. Understand them a bit better if you will.

This book is a whole other perspective, and it brings someone that we saw in Cinder back. Cress. The girl who is trapped in a satellite (and has been there for 7 years) and forced to do all kinds of spying for Levana and “Mistress” Sybil.

Ok, here is where if you don’t like to have some details of the book you disconnect and go read it.

Spoilers from here on!

It turns out Cress is a great Hackers and it’s the reason why Cinder and her friends have yet to be caught by the spy satellite’s that are looking for them all over earth. She is keeping them safe without the knowing of it. After all she did warned Cinder to go into the ball and tell prince Kai that Levana will most likely kill him after they get married, so she could be Empress and rule Earth as well as Luna…

Cinder remembers the girl, and since she still has the lunar chip that can safely communicate with her, she attempts contact with the one person who can help her try to stop the marriage and also, Kai’s impending death…

It’s a great book, filled with mystery, adventure, running around, planning and fights.  Cinder has to push her boundaries and her Lunar gift, now more than ever in order to save Kai. She has to put herself and others in danger again for the sake of the prince and the Eastern Commonwealth. While her friends try to help her, and altogether survive the curve balls that are thrown at them.

I found it a very pleasant read. Fast paced and interesting. Always adding more key ingredients to the mix to keep me on my toes and make me keep turning page after page.

I hope y’all enjoy it and much as I did.

Here are the links of the books that are out as of right now and the last one Winter, that will be available on November 10th of this year.




Fairest: Levana’s Story


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