Scarlet by Marissa Meyer; Review; Book Two in the Lunar Chronicles Series

I think I have said it before, and I will say it again. I absolutely adore this series. Its one of the few ones that I have recently read who have the power to shock me to my core while having my stomach twisted in knots depending on what Cinder, Scarlet, Iko, Thorne

and Wolf where about to do or currently doing.

This book is a bit different, in a very good way. Its in more perspectives than that of Cinder our known and loved main character, and the reason for all the trouble that’s going on around New Beijing and lets face it, since this book, the world.

I spent the whole book talking to myself and the book, trying to tell Scarlet that from the little I remember about Little Red Ridding Hood, Wolf (I mean come on, yes, that is his name, no, it does not get more suggestive than that) it’s the one that eats Granny right?

But regardless of that or maybe because of that, this book was amazing!

It’s written with a great flow that will have you going from character to character in a seamless way. Very different from the way Cinder finished, so I count that as a plus. Although I have never been a fan for cliffhangers, especially when it comes to books.

More over, I love to see characters grow into what they are destined to be, and also what they want to be, because of a culmination of events that leads them to that place. Or maybe because they are done putting up the other cheek when time and time again people disappoint them. In this case, Scarlet was as a great second book and the perfect stepping stone to show us what Cinder will do in the future. Even tough its not revealed completely since we all know that there is another book afterwards, Cress.

Here are the Books in Order:




Winter (Not out yet, available for pre-order on amazon)

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The Bottom line here is that I cannot wait until I am able to sink into Cress and just completely immerse myself in this story’s next step, not just for Cinder, but all the characters involved here that we have known and loved and suffered with trough out the whole adventure/fugitive of the law thing they have going for them.

If you do not like this type of books, and by this type I mean, alien, robot, futuristic kinds. I am here to tell you that I did not either until I found the right series for me. It turns out the Lunar Chronicles are not something that I tolerate or read only because they are hip, but because I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of the books and I will sincerely recommend them.

I do hope you give them a try.

I will see you guys soon!




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