Review of: “Grey” the new EL James book and Giveaway!

Grey:  Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian by EL James ReviewGrey

Hello y’all.

I have done a video of this particular review, but for those of you who don’t know I now have a YouTube channel, here is the review of one of the –again- most controversial books been released.

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My over all rating for this book 4 of 5 Stars.

I liked the book, and I do not concur with most of the critiques, specially the bad ones. How ever, there are as many books as tastes out there, so everyone has their opinion on it. This is plainly the review of a fan of the series that likes the new book and appreciates the new perspective that EL James provided.

First of all, and just to be clear my favorite book in the series is not Fifty Shades of Grey, it’s Fifty Shades Darker and with that in mind is one of the reasons that I give the book as many starts, even when its not all five. The story for me is very interesting.

The thing to keep in mind here- what I think some people failed to realize-is the fact that the story will not change. Just because is in another’s perspective it does not mean that we will have another story to read all together and I have to say, even in spite of it, I like it. Or maybe even because of it. We all know how this one ends, so there are not, if any hidden surprises, right? Or so we think, at least I did…

It was interesting to know what was cooking up in Christian’s head. What he was thinking in my favorite parts of the book, his reactions, fears, phobias, and some of the back-stories that make him who he is and consequently who he will become tough out the series. This book is his journey to more…

My favorite part I have to say was one that we didn’t get to see in all the books that preceded this one.  It was the last three chapters of the book and having read the first one- FSOG, that is. I spent the whole book terrified that I was not going to get to read this part. That it would end just like FSOG and leave me wondering still, what was going trough his head? What made him decide on one thing when he was so set on another?

Sort of like the same way of when you see a book converted to the movie you were waiting for, only to realize your favorite scene, or something you were looking for to seeing, didn’t make the cut. Fortunately, EL James came trough and showed me what I wanted. The time in between Ana leaving him, and him deciding to get her back…

Its really a good book, I quite enjoyed it and I am happy I purchased it in both formats, even when the physical copy didn’t get to me until recently, there for allowing me to do a Giveaway!!!

All you have to do is go to the Facebook page of I Geek Books and like it, and then share the comment in there with the picture of the book and the news of this Giveaway.

The Goal?

1000 likes on the I Geek Books page! I think we can do it, what do you think??

There will be a drawing, I will be writing the names and pulling the winner. Fair and square, lets leave it to fate.

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This all for you today.

I hope this helped in you were on the fence about reading this book.

I will now go back to my massive and very enjoying TBR pile.

Hope y’all have great book keeping you company.




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