Review of The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice writing under the Pen Name A. N Roquelaure

Hello y’all! I am very exited to write this review for you!

Let me start by saying. This is not a book for everyone. If you didn’t like the  Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy or Erotica books laced with what I can only refer to as Hard Core BDSM, then please continue reading any other reviews on the blog. I just wanted to start by putting that out there.

This book is quite honestly like nothing I have ever read before. It’s very explicit and evocative. Shocking even, I would prepare for a very new experience.

It’s some times sexy, romantic and some times appalling. My mouth hang open quite a few times if I am been honest. It brings a whole new concept to the table. An insight to the mysterious land of BDSM that is very talked about today. This is the most straight forward, insightful book on the subject that I have ever read. I honestly did not think that a whole book could be written in that complete subject. Every page is filled with sex and punishment, erotica in its fullest form.

It tales a new, fully explicit scene filled with different ways of this new world that is presented to us via the wonderful book.

The psychology of it it’s what caught my eye and makes me keep reading it. The way all the slaves (that are also princess and princess’s, born in the high crib and to various favours in their respective kingdoms) cope with this new part of their lives. With been used and humiliated in every possible way and then some. Its fascinating.

The way the mind works to help them cope. The way that they free their minds into feeling good about what they do and its done to them. To take the simple pleasures that they are provided and dismiss the morals of the situations that they are put into. The way their masters train them into being not only submissive but obedient without resorting to the gags and shackles, but instead by withdrawing pleasure.

Some of them even crave the punishments and rebel in different ways, to keep some of their individuality or maybe even for the sake of balance? This is never clear, but rebel they do.

Some seek them in order to get to a point where they want to be at they would never have reached otherwise. Not been afraid of the process by looking at the outcome, the big picture. They do what they need to do and the outcome is, tough painful, also a pleasurable for them.

This book has me intrigued, it peaked my curiosity and I can’t wait to read more. I am not surprised how ever. I love Anne Rice and her books are always compelling, well written and always not at all what you expect its going to be. It’s good to see this has not changed, and I still love her for it.

I do hope you give this book a try if you ever wondered about the subject. This is by no means a classical romantic story, although love is a subject, its does not focus on the “One woman with one men” kind of love. Its more open than that.

I am happy I gave the book a try and I look forward to the second one. This was until not so long ago a Trilogy and only recently was there a new book released to make it a series. Here are the titles and the links for you to go to Amazon should you wish to have more info, pricing, etc.

1. The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty.

2. Beauty’s Punishment.

3. Beauty’s Release.

4. Beauty’s Kingdom.

Well, this is all I have for today. I hope you found this helpful and don’t forget to give me a thumbs up! I’ll see y’all again on Friday with another wonderful book for you.

Until then, have a great book keeping you company.



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