Review of “A Shade of Vampire” Series By Bella Forrest

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Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to review a series that I started to read a while ago. Now this is not my typical review, since i really did not like this series much. Actually not at all. But I gave it a lot of tough and decided that I wanted to be truthful about this.

Just because I didn’t like it it does not mean that it’s not a great fit for someone else. I just wanted to put my side out there since guiding yourself by the critics on amazon it seems very few people share my view, so for those of you out there, here it goes:

The first book is A Shade of Vampire.

I remember reading it and thinking I loved it. The story was great, something new. There was little to no vampire romanticism in the story at all. I loved the fact that the author created a world inside ours that it was theirs and theirs only.

The story goes a bit like this.

There is The Shade, a place where the vampire congregation lives. The princess of the Shade is running it now with another leader of the council. How ever the prince, Derek Novak has been asleep places as so by a witch, the same one who made the shade for him.

Then there is Sofia. She is a normal girl, in love with the guy who has not paid her mind as she suffers and silence…

She gets kidnapped for Derek to feed when he wakes up from his magical induced coma…

Now here is what I loved:

The story was great in the fist two books. I loved the little word the author created for them. The fact that his vampires where that, hard core vampires with little to no morals at all, and the way they portrayed humans was also different. We for them are nothing but food. An inconvenience that they had found no cure or spell to solve and they approached it a bit like the Romans. Kidnapped slaves it’s what you find in the shade. Held against their will.

They had no remorse what so ever, until Sofia got there and shed some light on things…

The reason why I stopped reading:

At some point past the third book it got redundant in my opinion. Everything was the same. It all keep going in circles and I felt like the protagonists didn’t get it together! As in their act. She wants to be strong and take a stand for the human population in the shade and try is the operative word since so far, she is not succeeding but been push over and over to what Derek wants. They both know they are doing something wrong. Even so they don’t talk to each other, don’t solve it. It goes on and on until you want to yell at the book.  It seemed in every page the one consistent line was: “You’re an idiot Novak.”

It was really a shame because I loves the concept in the beginning, and its not like I didn’t give it a try. But when the fifth book was almost over and I didn’t have the urge to know how it will end, I figured it was time to call it quits.

I hope this helps y’all. I am not trying to be cruel. But if I don’t share this view as well as the good ones, then this blog will be obsolete, since the reason I started it was to give truthful, real reviews.

Now with that said I did some research as always and it has a couple more books since I read it that are new in that series. There are 14 in total that are out and  complete. I am not sure if its finished tough…

So far it seems to be free on kindle unlimited (I wish it would have been when I was buying them), but again this changes, so if you decide to give it a try make sure to try and get this special offer. remember you can get 10 at a time with the Kindle Unlimited Program.

As always I hope you have a great book keeping you company and that you found this reviews helpful.

Have a great day and I’ll see you soon!


One thought on “Review of “A Shade of Vampire” Series By Bella Forrest

  1. I felt the same way. Started out great. Then fizzled out into same old story over and over. To many zoo animals going on to. Just should have stayed with first caracters.


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