Review of “Easy Love” and “Easy with You” By Kristen Proby part of her NEW Boudreaux Series

Hello y’all!

I am sorry I have being off the blog lately. It has being a very busy week but I tough I’d make up for it with this two books that I recently had the pleasure of reading.

I started to be a fan of Kristen Proby when I found the audio books of The With me in Seattle Series, and of course I have reviewed all of her series in the blog.

She quickly became my companion when I was driving back and forwards to and from work. I was so hooked with that series that I even listened to it while I was on break at work. I have follow her since then; the Love Under the Big Sky Series was great as well.

I loved all the characters and they way the stories all mingled in between each other because in my experience series usually either talk about the same person/persons and are based on them uniquely. Or they have a sort of communication between each other, but is never enough. You end up having questions about other characters in those books. Wanting to know more about them and getting more in-depth with their stories….

Well if this happens to you then you are in for a treat.

Kristen Proby is very committed to there characters and I am happy that I got to read about the Montgomery-Williams-McKenna Family and now we have another series that she is starting that’s is very promising! And of course, yours truly could not wait to check it out!

The Boudreaux Series is based in “The Big Easy”, the Southern capital of the magically unexpected, parties in the French Quarter and last but not least Beignets.

I love the way she describes the city, if it were not already my favorite city (because of the history and the legends) after reading Easy Love and Easy with You I would have made it so then and there.

I am happy that we got to see new characters, because with her, one does get closure on the characters that you love; and they all have very different stories than the previous series.

Reading this books have being a very nice treat. They are romantic, real and sexy as well. I have become addicted to her stories and I am sure you will too. I don’t read them, I devour them. Even though Easy Love is almost 300 pages long I read it in 3 and a half hours and Easy with you about half the time, since it was half as long. Its one of those books that you can not put down unless you get to the last page and then you wonder why it finished so quickly?!

I can’t help but want more of this series and I am very exited to read what to come next in it.

Kristen Proby, wonderful job! As always.

I will also be posting the AudioReview of this two books in Spreaker as always in the I Geek Books AudioBlog, so you can enjoy them and make up your mind about these stories while on the go


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As always, hope you have a great book making you company.




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