Review: Three Two One by JA Huss.

Hello everyone welcome back to I Geek Books!

To end this week with a bang I tough I’d do a review of a very good book that I just read recently.

This is also going to be a controversial one, so if you didn’t like 50 Shades, then do not waste you time, this is not the book for you.

Three Two One is even more complicated than 50 shades; there really should be no comparison between the two since it is my believe that in  this case, 50 shades is Vanilla compared to this one. The characters in this book are even more screwed up  than Mr. Grey ever was. The all have deep issues that they are either dealing with or trying to avoid or just plain old hiding also works. The only reason I am comparing it to 50 is because they also have singular tastes…

But I have to say, this is not what kept me reading page after page. Yes the book is hot, yes the scenes are specific and some times shocking. For me this book was a big Trifecta, pun intended.

There is mystery, crime, romance…

The book for me was about soul mates, how you can find yours in the last place you tough you would in the first place. Being in the right place, at the right time can change your life, and maybe, just maybe help you overcome your fears, get you to a better place, soul and mind.

Blue is in that place, she is lost, after what happened to her. She has had to deal with life in a whole other way that what she ever could have envisioned for herself, she could  never have imagined that she will be in that place to begin with, but her life decisions have taken her to a whole new place and to her soul mates… JD and Ark.

This is for mature readers, and expect to blush time and time again. I love this author now too, and would love to read something else from her. This book to me was exceptional.

Here is the link to the book on Amazon:

Hope you enjoy and happy Friday the 13th…

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Have a great weekend, and a great book (And tell me all about it!)



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