Review: Cattoretti’s Return 4th Book in the Lust, Money & Murder Series By Mike Wells.

Since the first three books of this series were so good, I could not help but keep wanting to read more about this series and Elaine Brogan.

Book three ends with her finding her love and literally pushing away the bad thing in her life.

I have to say, I am not at all disappointed! I loved Cattoretti’s Return; I enjoy very much when an author surprises me, and Mike Wells has done it again.

The book was not what I expected, as it is from his perspective. I started it thinking it will have more of Elaine, but it showed me a whole other world with a different person as the front and center, one that I for one hate and love at the same time.

Cattoretti is portrayed in this book in a whole new light; his brilliant master mind is front and center for all of us to enjoy, we get to see him screaming, surviving and hiding as well as his backward rationality when it comes to his relationships with women.

Yes I know, he is supposed to be the bad guy, and no doubt about it he is, but now you know more; not only the circumstances that drove him into that world, but also who he is now and what he wants. A character like this you have to admire as well. We do have a love/hate relationship, more hate than love of course, but I adore that this charater keep surprising me at every turn. Cattoretti does not do anything that does not serve a purpose and of course, himself.

He has and uncanny ability to always be a step ahead of his enemies and thinks about anything and everything that could possibly happen and how he can manipulate the situation to come up on top, as always, the Cat always lands on his feet…

But you have to read to know what I mean, like always in a Mike Wells novel. All will make sense in the end.

Hope y’all enjoy this book as much as I did.

Here is the link to the book on amazon:

Lust, Money & Murder Book 4

Have a great day and hope you have a great book!

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