Fifty Shades of Grey Book and Movie Review.

Here it is, the Review of the Book that we all know and most of us Love.

First let me start by saying how much I love this books. I know a lot of people criticize them, and I can’t help but wonder if thats what they really think, of if they just want to say something to be different and just hate on them because they can since the majority loves them.

I do love this series, I am glad I found it as well as glad that E.L James wrote it and shared it with the world. In my opinion is well written, the story line is unconventional and captivating, and yes Christian Grey, the one in my head (they are not the same, my imagination has a favorite one, its not an actor is a combination of my favorite actors really, if that makes any sense…) and the one in the movie are hot so that helps.

I know a lot of people are going to freak out about what I am about to say, but in a way, because of how mayor this books have become, the are a classic. The have opened a door to writers to take more risks, taken down some barriers that maybe where there and they did not realize they had, as well as helped other authors embrace there 50 shadiness and show all readers another great peace of the wonderful world of books.
Other authors have tried and not quite succeeded in bringing this sort of book to life in the past, so I am glad E.L James knew when the world was ready for it and is now able to lead this avant garde phenomenon.

There has being some controversy to say the least about this books, so its to expect that the movie will also bring a lot to talk about. So I could not help but put in my two cents and let everyone know what I thought about it.

First let me tell you, it took me until yesterday (pretty much forever) to go see it, the reason for that?
I started reading the reviews, talked to friends of mine who liked the books and didn’t like the movie. The whole thing was pretty straight up. It seam people who read the books didn’t like the movie. The found it to be awkward, and not even a little bit like the books.
So I went in a bit apprehensive about it…

I could not disagree more! I loved the movie.
Dakota Johnson was superb as Anastasia Stelee; she did her character to perfection in my opinion. Thats almost exactly how I imagine Anastasia will be.
Jamie Dornan did a great Christian Grey; and yes at one point or another his accent did came trough, but I really did not mind at all, its a very good accent.
I went ahead and for good measure re-read the first one, but just the first one, since I know that the more ahead you get in the books, the more Anastasia comes out of her shell. So my question is, have you? Read the whole book again? Not just the parts that you like to read time and time again (this is usually what I do when I have a bad book day) because if you have then you know Ana is awkward, inexperienced and completely blown away by Christian and what will latter on be known as his kinky fuckery; specially in the first Book. She is completely out of her depth and feels like a moth to a flame when it comes to Christian, her attraction for him and the enormity of what he is offering to show her.

My question is:
What did y’all expected? A porn movie? There is a limited amount of “50 shades” scenes they can put into a movie and the ones they did put in I was glad to find that where tasteful and sexy, you are able to keep the mystery a bit, and it does not follow into the TMI, thats a very fine line to cross.
I found it to be a good one all in all, probably the first movie that I have seeing that is based of a book that my favorite parts of the books are in it. Usually the little things are never committed to the movies, but I am happy to see that they where here.
Yes I did missed some things. Like the signatures of Christian at the end of the emails they sent to each other…
It was funny, sexy, complicated… All in all, very true to the books and its characters and I am glad I saw it.
I do recommend it and I can only hope that y’all enjoy it as much as I did.
My Two cents are, take into account all other reviews and opinion, keep them in mind, and go ahead and see it and latter make your own. It worked perfectly for me.

Big thumbs up for 50 Shades of Grey, the movie. Cant wait for 50 Shades Darker!

If you want to hear this review as an Audio book it will be posted later today.


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