Love Under the Big Sky by Kristen Proby Review.

Hello everyone,

So, after the With me in Seattle Series I went hunting for other books by this wonderful author. After 12 books she managed to keep me on my toes, and I did not feel like I was reading the same thing over and over again. It was a must for me, once I find a writer I love I look up more of their work and she is definitely in my short list of favorites.

Romance books now a days tent to be pretty straight forward, it goes:
Girl meets guy
Girl sleeps with guy
Girl falls in love with guy
Girl starts popping babies (nothing wrong with that)
This series portrays each individuals character, she makes you meet them, love them, empathize with them, and yes, some time you want to smack them silly. Its about both of them, how they become a whole… This series is no different. She does have a great talent to tell theirs stories, come up with the characters, the scheme’s, its all very good and captivates the reader, make you turn the page again and again until you are sad that the book will end.
This series is composed by three books:
I can honestly say that I can not wait till March 3rd to be able to read Easy Love, the first book in what will no doubt will be a great series as well, this one is entitled: “The Boudreaux Series”
Hope y’all enjoy and that you have a great book making you company!
Until next time.

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