The with me in Seattle Series by Kristen Proby #romance

Sorry I have being a bit out of touch lately. In my defense I was wrapped up in a very good series that had me listening and reading it also every little change I got.

First let me explain why I wanted to review this series:

  1. Its a long series of 8 books, and this one is complete, so after finishing up the books there is no sense of void, but finality, so no anxiety of waiting for the next book to come up.
  2. The first book was for free on Kindle, so no spending, and the whole series is available also for free in Kindle Unlimited by Amazon, so as long as you have the Kindle app in you devise or a Kindle reader you could read this for free and not even pay for Kindle Unlimited since there is the possibility to try it free for 30 days (When one has never had it before, first time customers only) and enjoy all the other ones as well 🙂
  3. Its sexy, fast paced and boy will it keep you entertained!
Well ladies, with the stamina that all this guys have, believe me, it does fall into the supernatural category 🙂
The books are great, they have good stories and good characters, they all connect with each other without making you crazy that they do not have enough time with each other and you are able to keep seeing the characters, all of them, while all the stories progress. Its also great since it has an unbelievable sense of family and I feel in love with every single one of the guys. From the rocker to the jog, the cop or the Seal… They all are themselves a ver romantic, attentive to their women sexy bunch.
If you are looking for something to enjoy this is it! Its no classic by all means, and I do believe that it was meant to be at all. Its a good old fashion romantic novel, with a lot of spicy scenes in it and a great lot of man that will have you day dreaming about them until you are able to get back to the books. This ladies and gents is a page turner series for sure.
I do hope you enjoy! And don’t forget to comment below and let me know what you are reading and how you like it!
Happy Reading and have a great book!
Book 1: Come Away with Me.
Book 2: Fight with Me. (One of my favorites)
Book 3: Play with me.
Book 4: Rock with me.
Book 5: Safe with me.
Book 6: Tied with me. (One of my favorites)
Book 7: Breathe with me. (Also one of my favorites)
Book 8: Forever with me. (Yumm )
PS: Here is the link for all the book on amazon.

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