M R G Week book review is: “Lust, Money and Murder” by Mike Wells.

Sunday, February 8, 2015
M R G Week book review is: “Lust, Money and Murder” by Mike Wells.
Hello y’all!

I have some exiting new books for you. Like i said in my previous post, this week I was looking for something new. I had no reading material and looking trough Kindle books I found: “Lust, Money and Murder” for a reasonable price and they were three books, so for 1.99 i tough why not!? – I still have some PTSD from impulsive buying those Shade of … Books… Anyways; I have to say that I am presently surprise. First I am completely in love with the characters in the book, Nick is all a girl would want in male character that is also a Secret Agent. He is sexy, funny and a total bad boy. Whats not to like?
Elaine how ever a bit his posit. She’s consumed by what she thinks is her mission in life and all other things take a back sit – I am trying not to give to much away here!- including her personal life…

And last but not least I am also very drawn to the way of writing of Mr. Wells. The author of this – in my opinion- great novels. He’s great at giving you just the information you need in the book little by little, I love the fact that there is a sort of no-nonsense kind of writing, there is not a single word in these books that does not take you latter to a: ” That’s why!” moment. So if at some point in the book you are wondering why are you reading about this? Well give it a chapter or two and you will see.

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with this; cant you tell? I cant stop talking about it!
There are not many murder/mystery books in my library, how ever from now on Mike Wells will be on it! I am glad to also know that he has two more books in this series – This is of course the reason why I am rather late in this review, I could not wait to start the 4th one: “Cattoretis Return”.- as well a several other series and books he has being a co-writer on that I will most definitely try!

Bottom line, great book series, great price. What more could a girl ask for a good read on the weekend?!
Hope y’all enjoy and as always wish you have a great book!


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